Why now is the time for me to edit my life and live more simply …

Almost a year ago, I posted about editing my life on my personal blog.  Since then, I have taken very little action to progress that goal – I could try and explain my inaction away by saying that ‘life’ got in the way, but I think the real reason was that I was not really committed to the goal when I wrote that post.  It was more of a wish, than a burning ‘have to’ competing for attention with all the other goals I was pursuing simultaneously.

What is different today is that I am truly tired of how much ‘brainjuice’ the clutter in my life takes up – from clogged up email boxes, to a disorganized home office … to unfinished project, after unfinished project – I feel like there is no room left for me to make things and fulfill my true purpose as a creative person.  If I don’t change this now, it will only get worse.

I cannot guarantee that this time will be different from the last, but I do know that this time I have a plan – and this blog is a part of the plan.

There are so many different places I could start this process that it is important for me to focus – and I find that writing forces me to do just that.  So I decided to launch this blog and write as I do – live out loud – so that I can document the changes I make and hopefully help others who are struggling with similar challenges.

I have also decided to start small by tackling a very specific problem that I blogged about last year as well – our household mail system.  The reason I have chosen this problem to start with is because it is an ongoing source of disorganization and stress in our home.  Things get lost that we saw “just the other day” and it seems like no matter how hard we try, the space for our mail still looks like some variation of the following below:

Believe it or not, this is a significant improvement from our previous set-up – the shredder is now correctly placed right by the front door when we come in with mail and there are two ‘holders’ for loose papers once the mail has been sorted.

So we don’t end up with nearly as much unprocessed mail – but it still feels like an incomplete system because there are several holes in the workflow and things still fall through the cracks.  My first major ‘editing’ project is to plug those holes.